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"Nature's beauty and spiritual serenity intertwine in the enchanting embrace of Varkala, where cliffs meet the sea and souls find solace."

Varkala, a captivating coastal town nestled in Kerala, India, is a haven of natural splendor and spiritual charm. At the heart of its allure lies Varkala Beach, embraced by iconic cliffs that overlook the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea. Known as Papanasam Beach, it is said that a dip in its waters can cleanse the soul. The elevated Varkala Cliff offers a tranquil escape, adorned with quaint cafes, shops, and guesthouses, creating an ambiance perfect for relaxation and sunset contemplation.

The town's ancient Janardhana Swamy Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, stands as a testament to its rich cultural heritage, while the Sivagiri Mutt serves as a spiritual center, founded by the revered philosopher Sree Narayana Guru. Varkala's charm extends to its historic landmarks, including the Anjengo Fort, a vestige of colonial history, and the mystical Kappil Lake, a retreat into the serenity of backwaters. With offerings ranging from water sports along its shores to Ayurvedic treatments and yoga centers for holistic well-being, Varkala beckons travelers to discover a harmonious blend of nature's beauty and spiritual rejuvenation.

About Varkala
Rishikul Yogshala

Accommodation For Yoga Teacher Training In Varkala


Varkala is a coastal area known for its stunning cliffs that overlook the Arabian Sea. It creates a mesmerizing backdrop for your stay in Varkala. With its clean beaches, lush coconut forests, and vibrant local culture, Varkala provides an idyllic setting for your yoga journey.

Our accommodation in Varkala at Rishikul Yogshala offers a unique combination of calmness and comfort, which aims to enhance your overall experience. Whether you choose a private room or opt for a shared space, each option is geared toward ensuring your stay is as restful and refreshing as possible. Our Varkala accommodations feature modern amenities, cozy furnishings, and a relaxing ambiance to provide a peaceful retreat after a day of yoga and exploration in the beauty of Varkala.

Rishikul Yogshala

Food For Yoga Teacher Training In Varkala

  • Every meal is crafted to nourish not only the body but also the mind and soul, creating a complete sense of well-being.
  • We source ingredients from local farms, ensuring that each bite is bursting with the flavors of Kerala's rich and diverse produce.
  • Our chefs infuse every dish with mindfulness and positive energy, enhancing the overall dining experience.
  • Drawing from the principles of Ayurveda, our meals are thoughtfully balanced to promote harmony within the body's natural constitution.
  • From traditional Kerala dishes to international flavors, our menu offers a wide range of options to cater to different preferences.
  • Dining at Rishikul Yogshala Kerala is more than just eating; it's a connection to nature and a celebration of the Earth's bounty.
  • We take dietary preferences and restrictions into account, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a nourishing meal tailored to their needs.
Rishikul Yogshala

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How To Reach Varkala?

Varkala is a popular tourist destination located in the Indian state of Kerala. You can reach Varkala by bus, train, or flight using the following guidelines:

By Bus

Local Buses

If you are traveling within Kerala, you can check with the local bus station or bus stop for routes to Varkala. Many towns and cities in Kerala have a well-connected local bus network.

Interstate Buses

If you are traveling from another state in India, you may need to reach a major city in Kerala, such as Thiruvananthapuram or Kochi, and then take a local or interstate bus to Varkala. Varkala is located about 40 kilometers north of Thiruvananthapuram.

By train

Nearest Railway Station

The nearest major railway station to Varkala is Varkala Sivagiri Railway Station. Alternatively, you can also use the Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station, which is a major railway station in the region.

Trains from Major Cities

You can book a train to Varkala Sivagiri Railway Station or Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station from major cities in India. Check the train schedules and make reservations through the official website of Indian Railways (https://www.irctc.co.in) or at a nearby railway station.

By flight

Nearest Airport

The nearest major airport to Varkala is Trivandrum International Airport (Thiruvananthapuram International Airport), which is approximately 40-45 kilometers from Varkala. Another option is Cochin International Airport in Kochi, which is about 160 kilometers away.

Domestic and International Flights

You can book a flight to Trivandrum International Airport or Cochin International Airport from major Indian cities or international destinations. Once you land, you can take a taxi or a local bus to Varkala.

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